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Dragons are Older than WE Think! |Game of Thrones Prequel Explained!

Game of Thrones Season 8 is a while off but while we are waiting for We have time to talk about all things A Song of Ice and Fire! The Prequel Pilot was greenlit and was announced on Friday! The first prequel will be set in the Age of Heros! Alot of people were upset because they love Dragons! Who doesn’t love Dragons? Especially the dragons in Game of Thrones! Well I decided to make this video and let you know it’s more than likely that the histories are wrong because most of the tales we here all leads back to Dragons.. and Dragons being around before and even during the Age of Heros! Dragons are older than wed think and may indeed appear and be stars in the New Game of Thrones Prequel! Thanks for Watching!!!! Please Subscribe!!!

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