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Game of Thrones Season 8 will return on April 14 but today I’m going to be going over a Theory that I will title Help from the East. In Episode 3 Melisandre told Varys that she was going to Volantis. But What is she going to Volantis for? A lot of people think Melisandre is going to Volantis to get the Firey Hand. The Firey hand are slave soldiers from the Red Temple in Volantis, But there are only 1000 of them, are they enough to make a difference? I don’t really think so! But There are hundreds and thousands of worshipers of R’hllor that could make a difference! In the books, We are introduced to two red preists whom powers seem even more advanced than Melisandre’s! Benerro and Moqorro! Benerro is basically the leader of the followers of the Lord of Light! In the show we have seen many Red Priestesses from Mereen to Volantis. In the books however we have seen one power from Melisandre that has not made it onto the show yet! So I think Melisandre is going to Volantis to bring back the powerful Priests and Priestess the Follow the Lord of Light, and this may be the key to defeating the long night!

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