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New Evidence Found During The Daenerys Vision Scene! – Game of Thrones Season 8

Welcome back for another Theory Video. As I was editing a clip from Daenerys Targaryen’s vision at the House of the Undying I noticed something that sounded very familiar. When Daenerys is looking around the Throne Room there is a new theme playing during this scene but if you listen closely the White Walkers Theme from Season 1 is also playing. I have used the White Walkers Theme in several of my videos before so I knew exactly what I was hearing when the drum/bell began to play. This leads me to believe they were foreshadowing the Night King coming to King’s Landing and destroying The Great Hall. Now that the Night King has Viserion he is definitely capable of causing that damage scene during Daenerys Targaryen’s vision.. Spoilers also came out this week that show a new structure being built for King’s Landing and according to those sources those buildings will be burnt to the ground by a dragon. This certainly doesn’t confirm anything but I feel there is enough evidence to make a case. Let me know what you think though. Make sure you listen very carefully to the music or else you will not hear it. Thanks for watching!

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