Game Of Thrones 

NEW VIDEO! Bel Suono – Game of Thrones (piano cover)

Долгожданная премьера! Bel Suono – «Игра Престолов» (фортепианный кавер)!
Теперь доступно на всех видео-платформах!

Саундтрек к культовому сериалу известен, пожалуй, каждому, кто хоть раз соприкоснулся с историей Семи Королевств. Согласитесь ли вы, что он создаёт особые внутренние вибрации своей масштабностью и грандиозностью? Нет и нужды вступать в спор о таланте композитора Рамина Джавади! Мы уже не раз исполнили эту премьерную композицию на своих концертах и почувствовали невероятный зрительский отклик и самые яркие эмоции от произведения.
Сегодня Три Рояля рады представить вашему вниманию новый атмосферный клип. Добро пожаловать в мир «Песни Льда и Пламени»!

New Video🔥
Bel Suono – «‘Game of Thrones piano cover»!
Check out the full version on our YouTube and IGTV channels.

This soundtrack to the world’s most famous TV show is known by everybody who once touched the ‘7 Kingdoms’ story! Can you feel the same excitement while listening to this epic and magnificent music as we do? There’s no doubt Ramin Djavadi is a really talented composer of our days!
We have already played the ‘Game of Thrones’ Main Theme during our performances and we’d like to point out how fantastic and stormy were the public’s applauses and reactions!
Bel Suono is glad to present you the new long-awaited video! Welcome to the world of ‘Song of Ice and Fire’!

Three young piano geniuses and their six hands flying over the piano keys.
BEL SUONO show is a sparkling mix of classics, pop music, rock, and even movie soundtracks: creations that are loved by the audience through many ages and generations.

BEL SUONO is made up of three incredible professionals. Vasily Opalev, Kirill Gushin, and Maxim Tarasov all graduated from Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and are winners of many International competitions. Behind their shoulders are performances and world tours with stars of classical music. The pianists are not only virtuosos but are also excellent in improvisation and composition.
BEL SUONO has been successfully performing all over the world, including Russia, Israel, Monaco, Austria, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.

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