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Sam & Gilly’s Final Destination! – Game of Thrones Season 8

Welcome back for another Prediction Video. Today I will be talking about Sam & Gilly. These characters had just arrived at Winterfell at the end of Season 7 but in this video I give my prediction for where I think they will choose to live after all the wars are over. As of right now, Samwell Tarly still has a role to play, and together with Bran Stark I believe they will figure out what is needed to be done in order to defeat the Night King. Sam can tell Bran exactly where to look in the past and that’s where their answers may lie. Once that is over Sam & Gilly will need to decide where they will go next. Samwell Tarly is a man of the Night’s Watch, but will he go back? Will Sam & Gilly go back to Oldtown or will they head to Horn Hill? I believe I know what Sam will do, but let me know what you think. Thanks for watching!

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