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Secrets of the Old Gods | The Weirwood Gifts | Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Talk Ft. Smokescreen

Game of Thrones Season 8 is a long way off, Yes.. The Night is long. But don’t worry we will get thru the long night together! One of the most mysterious things in Game of Thrones are the Children of the forest and the Weirwood Trees. Their is conflicting information when it comes to the Weirwoods, Greenseers and The children of the forest, But in this video Smokescreen and I will discuss Bran Stark’s powers as a Greenseer, The Power of a Greenseer, The Secrets of the Old Gods, The Children of the forest and the weirwoods of the North! In Part 2 which is on his channel we will discuss the Direwolves of House Stark, Who sent them and what they foreshadow! Thanks for Watching and Please Subscribe!

Part 2 – Secret Meaning of The House Stark Direwolves

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