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The Others: What Actually Happened To Craster’s Sons? – Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theories)

Welcome back for another End Game Theories video. Today I want to talk about what actually happened to Craster’s sons. We are led to believe Craster’s sons were turned into White Walkers, by the Night King, but how do we know that’s true? Craster allegedly had 99 sons, but we have only seen a little over a dozen White Walkers, so where are the rest of them? Are they still in the Lands of Always Winter? When the Night King turns the babies eyes blue, do they immediately grow into adult sized White Walkers? How does the Others magic work? Are one of the babies meant to replace the Night King? Does Craster come from a special bloodline? How is this linked to the legend of the original Night’s King and Queen, who sacrificed their own to the Others? Let me know your thoughts on this topic. Put your thoughts or questions down below. Thank you for watching!

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