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The Rise & Fall of Euron Greyjoy! – Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory

Welcome back for another Prediction Video. Today I will be discussing Euron Greyjoy’s Role in the final season. I believe Euron has some leverage over Cersei right now. I know it may sound crazy but Euron has been extremely loyal to Cersei thus far. Euron has done everything Cersei has asked of him and now that Jaime Lannister is gone Cersei will need Euron more than ever before. Even with the arrival of the Golden Company she will still need Euron’s services but if she doesn’t reward him soon she could lose him also. All of this can benefit Euron if he plays his cards right but I also want to talk about Euron Greyjoy’s Downfall. In my opinion Euron made a very critical mistake by keeping Yara Greyjoy alive. Check out the video to find out why. Thanks for watching!

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