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“The SECRET Recipe” For Valyrian Steel Explained! Game Of Thrones Season 8 Theory

What is Valyrian Steel and better yet what is the ingredient that separates it from regular steel? In this video I am joined by Robert from In Deep Geek and we delve into Tin Foil Theories involving Valyrian Steels origin, and much much more!
Shall we begin?!

In Deep Geek!


Old Nan Theory!

“Red Comet Connection” Theory!

How Bran “created” The Night King!

“One True Ruler” Theory!

Season 8 Q&A!

Theon “Drowned God” Theory!

Roberts Rebellion EXPLAINED! (Part 1)

“Qyburn’s Undead Army!”

End Game Theories!

Davos “Sea Commander” Theory!

Direwolf Theory Season 8!

“Kingdom In Chaos”

“The Crippled Rescuer” Theory!’

Arya The Unlikely Leader!

Cersei Theory Season 8!

Altar Of Winter EXPLAINED!

Siege Of Winterfell EXPLAINED!

“Dragons Need A Rider” Theory

“Three Heroes Cave” Theory!

Winds Of Winter Trolling?!

Jaime Theory Season 8!

Heroes Journey Explained!

Old Nan’s Ice Dragon!

Season 8 Finale Theories Explained!

Grand Maester Theory Season 8

Tyrion’s Betrayal Theory!

Arya Theory EVERYONE Missed!

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