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Why I’m NOT Hyped About Game of Thrones Season 8

I am a giant fan of Game of Thrones. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am one of the biggest fans of Game of Thrones. I have every season on Blu-ray, I’ve watched them multiple times each. I’ve read every A Song of Ice and Fire book that George RR Martin has ever written including the spinoffs that aren’t part of the main series. I’ve been to Con of Thrones, I’ve spoken on panels. I’ve raved about this show to my friends for years, I’ve shocked people with the red wedding. I have been in this shit from the beginning. I’m just saying, if there is a category for a true game of Thrones fans, I’m in that category!

That being said, I am not hyped for and here’s why. Hype is the death of media. How many people are gonna make 8-minute videos about a clip that was literally 2 seconds long? How many tweets am I going to see about people freaking out over essentially nothing? Sansa making a very common statement that anyone would say Upon A monarchs arrival at their home if for no more than a courtesy. I know, I’m the jerk here I should just let people be excited…look.. I’m not saying don’t be excited excited but I warn you hop on the hype-train at your own peril.

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